How to unzip rar file in mac

How to Open and Extract RAR Files on Mac

Change directory to the location containing the folders you want to archive. You should replace the directory name and RAR file name in this example to match your folder's name and your desired RAR filename. John Granby began his writing career in as a founding member of a tech industry website targeted at WAP developers.

He has provided in-depth coverage of the wireless industry, served as a speaker at several conferences and authored a book on Bluetooth. Granby earned a Bachelor of Science in computer engineering from Purdue University. Skip to main content. References 1 Rarlab: Besides Mac, there are also versions for Windows, Linux, and Android.


UnRarX is a simple utility designed to expand. It has an extraction function as well.

To do this, simply open the program, drag your archive files into the interface, and UnRarX will unpack the content to the specified destination. I found the app very easy to use. Once the program is installed, you should see an icon as shown on the top of the above screenshot.


Click on it. Another great tool that can open RAR files, and do a lot beyond! You can get it from its official site here. To unzip a file, just drag and drop it into the software main interface.

How to open RAR files

Another window will pop up with the extracted files. Super fast! As its name suggests, SimplyRAR is a simple to use program that makes archiving and unarchiving files a breeze. Open it by dropping the file into the application, choosing a compression method, and pulling the trigger. It supports single, multi-part or password-protected archives.

It also features AppleScript support and includes example scripts to help you handle multiple archives at once. Zipeg is also handy yet free.

UnRAR files on your Mac from the Finder

What I really like is its ability to preview an entire file before extracting it. It also supports password protected and multipart files. Does the recommended one help you extract or unzip your RAR files? Or do you find a better unarchiver app for Mac than the ones listed above? Let me know by leaving a quick comment below. Is there anything you can use to open a. Hope this helps! Your email address will not be published.

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