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Here is the code I used: NO]; Result: File converted to CMYK but the barcode lost its transparency.

To choose CMYK colors:

I thought the same, but I tried all different options and same result with all. Oh, well, sorry about that I've never seen a tiff with transparency. Maybe a PNG would work better? So maybe what you're trying to do is impossible? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Page content loaded. Jul 30, I believe the CMYK refers to the color? I believe your image formats are something like. Graphic Converter will happily convert that to whatever you want. Thanks for your reply.

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It tends to be used by folks engaged in the old-fashioned process of applying ink to paper but not for much else. I am in fact testing Graphic Converter, which sems quite nice. But, in order to get those images inked onto paper by my printing company, I must convert them to CMYK. Well, thanks for that information - learned something new again Jul 30, 4: You do realize that every printer you buy uses CMYK to print whatever you send from the computer, right? Many have extra colors 6 and more inks total , usually to boost reds and blues that can't be reached with straight CMYK.

But otherwise, they all have at least those four basic colors. You can't print RGB. Very flat and ugly conversions. You can open a file and apply a CMYK profile. But when you save the file, it's still RGB. There's also your target device to consider. The color of any printed image is subject to the inks and paper you're using. Using the same printer, uncoated papers will always be dull compared to coated.

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Gloss will always be more vibrant than satin. Just as RGB is specific to your monitor profile, CMYK is specific to the output device, whether it's a cheap printer for your computer, or a 40" commercial press. You need to have profiles that are built to match the characteristics of that device, on the paper being used, in order to have any hope that the CMYK image you're viewing on your monitor will look anything like that on press, or from your desktop printer.

Stick with Photoshop. Sheetfed Coated v2 which you wouldn't have to use without ever having purchased Photoshop , is better than nothing. I don't have, or use Graphic Converter, so I don't know how that works as far as converting.

Converting RGB to CMYK

Not to be argumentative, but if you don't know how it works, how do you know it's "extremely poor? Jul 30, 5: I've found it to be excellent at everything else it does. Actually, I consider it to be one of the best Mac applications ever developed, which is a lot more than I'd say about any Adobe product. I did have a registered version of Graphic Converter at one time. Played with it for a while and found it fairly useless.

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There wasn't anything in it I couldn't do in Photoshop. Jul 30, 8: The device to which I am printing is a lates KBM newspaper press. Actually, I'm sending PDFs to the prepress department, which is running them through a rip to create plates. While it's likely the case that there are brand-spanking new versions of these that can handle RGB, newspapers usually buy really expensive equipment and keep it for a very long time.

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RGB just won't do. But the Colorsync Utility version 4. Once you've done that, however, it seems to be best to save the file as a tiff. The CMYK jpegs are not a pretty sight, in my experience.

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I'm not sure whether those profiles are gifts from Apple or Adobe, but they are available in Colorsync on my Mac. I've only played with Graphic Converter for a couple of hours. It seems to be a very decent, extremely inexpensive image editor that has a lot of the basic Photoshop functions. The basic Photoshop functions are generally all I need. If you build complex graphics in Photoshop, you probably need Photoshop. If all you need to do is lighten up a few photos so they don't plug on a newspaper press, Graphic Converter would appear to cost a lot less cash. Jul 31, 8: Though a better shop will flag RGB images in preflight and convert them at extra cost to you.

Doing it ahead of the RIP allows them to have better control over the conversion. There it is!