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Download Steam from Valve's Steam website.

Full Importing Custom Content Tutorial - Hammer World Editor

Run it to install after the download. After you have installed Steam, you need a copy of the game bought from Steam. Simply do a search for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive through steam and purchase the game. Here is the direct link to the game on Steam's website. Launch the game and play it for a minute or two. This allows everything to be loaded on your computer.


The game needs to initialize so when you run the editor everything goes smoothly. After install, I also select Add to Favorites. This way the tools are always at the top of my Library window. All we need to do now is Launch the editor.

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Double click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive SDK. Go into Instances folder and open any of the map folders to access the map files. This allows you to look at the professional work from Valve.

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Also to reverse engineer their maps. File directory where SDK content maps are stored and eventually your map files will be stored are in: C drive or other installation directory. Level Editor Navigation and Interface Basics in 15 minutes. Player and Architecture Scale, Dimension and Proportion.

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BSP Brush Geometry: How to Create Your First Room. Adding Prop Models: Using Models In Your Map. Adding Lights: Applying Textures and Principles for Optimizing Early.

Want to know more what you are getting by subscribing? It's not compatible on its own but I was able to get it running through Wineskin , although it's kinda awkward to set up it involves reinstalling Steam and TF2 and the visuals are buggy. I've thought about writing a full guide on running Hammer through Wine but I haven't gotten around to it Muddy , Sep 14, Windows emulator is best option.

Valve Hammer Editor

Hyperion , Sep 14, I've used it via Parallels so can tell you not to bother with that. Its performance is a bit slow sometimes, especially in the 3D viewport, and it's hard to get the virtual mouse to work nicely. No one is going to make fun of you for using a Mac, here, but I understand why you pre-empted it. Usually it's Windows users who are secretly jealous and don't understand why you'd want to use a Mac ;- I use Windows 10 via Bootcamp and it's fine, here.

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No problems on my late iMac. I tried setting up Wineskin like Mudpie did but I couldn't be arsed trying to fix the problems: I do all my level design on a retina MacBook Pro.

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Bootcamp into Windows 10 and you'll be sailing. Thanks x 1. No issues at all, it was part of what convinced me to build a PC. Not exactly mac, but I got hl2 hammer working through wine on linux You should try pointing wine to the hammer exe in tf2's bin folder assuming it is there and see what happens.

I used to hold macs in high regard back in , but every art class at uni has them now and they are just the worst. But then, university macs tend to have messed up antivirus software making everything suck. But then, the mac mouse is the worst possible mouse for 3D modelling the older model with a ball in it , and we are using them in a 3D modelling class. That combined with a 60hz screen that is set to a resolution too high for the mac's hardware to handle properly. That and none of their laptops have numpads I'm not too high on money right now, and I use a macbook air with gb max space.